Discuss in Detail the Application of Professor Michael Potter's Diamond Model in the Kenyan Vision 2030: Advantages and Implications

Topics: Manufacturing, Industry, Competitiveness Pages: 4 (1112 words) Published: March 16, 2011
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Porter’s Diamond of competitive advantage model of nations consists of four main attributes that shape the national environment in which local, connected firms compete:

The nation’s relative position in vital industrial production factors such as skilled labor or infrastructure, are important determinants of national competiveness. Both the level of individual factors and the overall composition of the resource mix must be considered. Factors can be country specific or industry specific. For example, Japan’s large pool of engineers -- reflected by a much higher number of engineering graduates per capita than almost any other nation -- has been vital to Japan’s success in many manufacturing industries.

The nature of home demand for an industry’s products and services requires considering both the quantity and quality of the demand. For example, Japan’s sophisticated and knowledgeable buyers of cameras helped stimulate the Japanese camera industry to improve product quality and to launch new, innovative models.

The presence or absence in the nation of internationally competitive supplier and related industries is a key factor. Until the mid-1980s for example,...
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