Discuss About the Duty of Paying Taxes

Topics: Tax, Citizenship, Welfare state Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Topic 19: Some people think that paying taxes is enough to contribute to the society. Others argue that being citizens involves more responsibilities. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.


Paying taxes has become a compulsory obligation of each citizen for a long time but in recent years, there have some heated debates with many people believing that paying taxes is a work expressing adequately their responsibilities with society. While others clam that it is not enough to become a good citizen.

First and foremost, paying taxes is very essential with society. Firstly, taxes is a major source of government income used to set up several socio-economic policies. There are a range of projects using budget to build road, hospital, school,...which show the duty with society of people who pay taxes. In addition, there are some taxes depending on individual income, businesses,...which create an awareness of that paying taxes is an impartial approach to redistribute income. Thence, it is understandable why a lot of people think that paying taxes is enough to contribute to the society.

Nonetheless, the more life is modern, the more a citizen contribute to the society. Not only does paying taxes show the responsibilities with society but also it is required that people should contribute to charity funds, NGOs and protect environment. The society has plenty of problem thus the foundation of charity funds is virtual.it is directly solved this problem which can't be settled only by their money. Additionally, several NGOs also set up to resolve it especial in human duty such as disabled children, person suffered orange victim. Furthermore, people should conscious of the important of their environment. Thus, they need improve their sense of environment conservation.

In conclusion, paying taxes is a best method to contribute to the society but it is not at all. Society need more than this. Hence, all people need to raise their duty with...
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