Discriptive Paragraphs

Topics: Coffee, Espresso, Caffè macchiato Pages: 1 (467 words) Published: March 8, 2013
People dream of breaking away from their same old daily life; however, as people become more aware of realities, they start to fear deviance. Although people are scared of having adventures, they eventually find some places to fulfill their desire to escape from the same old dull days surrounded by the same old people they see everyday. In my case, the escape is a trip to an YVR airport in.......... My adventure starts as I get on the Canada Line that glides on a rail to help my sweet escape from all kinds of troubles and concerns. Window sills of Canada Line frames around beautiful spring, entertaining my eyes with shifting scenes of blooming cherry blossoms and a milky way on a river that is created by opulent sunshine. After twenty or thirty minutes, when a familiar voice of announcement tells me the train is at the terminal station, I walk to the door with my fluttering heart. As soon as I get off the Canada Line, a light breeze gently blows my hair, letting me know that I am finally here at the airport; a place where I can forget about everything and just be myself. As always, big automatic doors slide away from each other as if they are welcoming me. As soon as I step inside to the airport, a babel of voices annoy me so I pull out my ipod, put on my earphones, and play my favorite song: Pocketfull of Sunshine by Natasha Bendingfield. Then all of sudden, a sound of voices magically fades away, and I am now alone in a perfect world of mine. Nobody at this airport knows me or cares about me, therefore, people do not seem to acknowledge my presence which makes me feel like I am invisible. The freedom of being invisible put my mind at ease. I slowly head to food court along the long ticket queue. "Are they going on a vacation?" I ask myself as I give an envious glance upon them. However, an aroma of coffee in the air pushes jealousy out of my mind. I follow the coffee scent that leads me to Starbucks under its green sign. I expentantly order, and patiently...
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