Cyberbullying Speech

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Close your eyes, and imagine the world is place you don’t belong. Everywhere you go, people just keep staring at you, as if you were an oddity, a freak, a monster. You want to run away, but there is nowhere for you to go. Nowhere, at all. This, is what it feels like to be cyber bullied.

Good morning everyone. Today, I will be speaking about the need for zero tolerance of cyber bullying due to the great extent of irreversible emotional harm it gives to its victims. Cyberbullying is when the internet or cyberspace, is used as a means to torment, threaten, or humiliate a child or a teenager. Due to the internet’s nature to connect with others, cyberbullying amplifies the harm caused by a post with malice. A series of posts exaggerated for the pure intention of causing harm to others, is easily circulated within the internet. Posts on social networking sites are available to mutual friends. Humiliating pictures sent through emails, can easily be forwarded to masses of people. In seconds, the action of bullying no longer comes from a single individual that started the chain, but from an entire community of people. Comments or reactions by the people who read the post, gives the victims nowhere to seek sanctuary. In school, he or she is discriminated by those who believe the post. Even at home, the constant terrors faced when logging in to the site or checking one’s email haunts the victim to the verge of breaking down. The suicide of Megan Meier is one such case, which the 13 year old chose to hang herself and end her young life. This was all due to the messages and hurtful comments that were shared with others online, and posted on bulletins on social networking sites, including comments that said ‘the world would be a better place without you’. How can there be tolerance of these acts, when they are designed to annihilate someone completely? Put yourselves in their shoes. Think of how they feel when they have nowhere to go to. Think of how they feel when they...
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