Discrimination: Racial Segregation and Religious Group

Topics: Racial segregation, Discrimination, Buddhism Pages: 5 (1753 words) Published: February 10, 2013
* How does your selected religious group differ from other religious groups (such as in their beliefs, worship practices, or values)? One of the beliefs of Buddhism is referred to as reincarnation, which is a concept that people are reborn after dying. A practicing Buddhist differentiates between the concepts of rebirth and reincarnation. In reincarnation, the individual may occur repeatedly. In rebirth, the person does not necessarily return to Earth as the same entity ever again. Nirvana is a state of liberation and freedom from suffering. Three methods of Training or Practices:

Sila – principle of equality. Samadhi – concentration and meditation. Prajna – insight, wisdom, and enlightenment.

* What has been the experience of your selected religious group with others that do not share its beliefs or practices? Buddhism just like any other religion has been discriminated against. An example of this is when a Buddhist group tried to have a Tai Zen Center built in a town in California. The community protested this, the project was banned, and an even larger Catholic Church was approved. They denied the center because they said it would attract tourists and clog the streets. The center moved to a near by city and sued the town. * In what ways has the religious group you selected contributed to American culture? To contribute means to give, What Buddhism has given to the world and specifically the United States is Art and Architecture. Along with this came language, literature, music and dance. Most of this legacy is visible in its homeland of India and much of the Eastern world. Buddhists meditate to relax themselves which has become popular in the United States, things such as yoga also.

* Provide specific examples of prejudice or discrimination your selected religious group has experienced. Buddhist nuns are actually discriminated against by their own kind. Buddhist nuns must follow 100 more laws then male monks. They must wear additional clothing and complete an extra 2 year training period in order to be ordained. Buddhist nuns are now facing controversy as their numbers have plummeted over recent decades, some have outlawed them completely. Some of the Buddhist nuns have banned together to find strength in numbers. Although the extent and duration of gender discrimination among religious leaders is unknown, types of meetings among women to discuss the issue an important first step toward resolution.

* What were the sources of this prejudice or discrimination? The source of this discrimination stems from many cultures and that men feel that women are useless or inferior to them. In a lot of cultures, men run the show, tell the women what to do and when to do it or even what to wear. The men think that they are wiser and stronger than woman. They see them as baby makers and housewives, nothing more.

* Does what you’ve learned about this religious group help you understand it? In what ways? I believe it does, I knew a little bit about the culture but I’ve never done any research on it. I think their culture and beliefs are so interesting. When I was in Hawaii a few years back, I was able to visit a Buddhist Temple. It was an amazing experience, they require you to take your shoes and socks off and dip them in a purity pool before you enter the temple. Their place of worship is so different from anything I’ve ever seen.

* How does your selected racial/ethnic group differ from other racial/ethnic groups (such as differences in ancestry, language, or culture)? African Americans use dance as an essential role in the culture of the tribes. They use it for much more than just entertainment such as communicating emotions, rights of passage, and to help strengthen the bond between...
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