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Topic: Leadership styles and theories
Subject: EdMa 606 - Organizational Behavior and Analysis
Submitted to: Dr. Maria Agnes Ladia
Reporter: Mr.Emmanuel G. Miclat


To understand the following:

Different leadership styles.
2. Theories of leadership and how they are applied.
3. What kind of leader are you.
Leadership skills
Good leadership skills are essential in your leadership journey as well. [pic]
A pilot requires psychomotor skills and flying skills to properly fly a plane. He takes years and years to hone those skills to become a master at them so that he can be an expert at flying the plane. Similarly, a leader has his set of skills he has to learn to become an effective leader. Skills have a multiplier effect on your efforts as a leader. For example, have you ever tried hitting a nail into the wall using just a wooden block? Perhaps you didn’t have a hammer nearby and you just wanted that nail into the wall in the shortest time possible so that you could get your picture up on the wall. You would have found out that it was much tougher than using a hammer. This is what the hammer does: to achieve a certain result (hitting the nail into the wall) with lesser effort, leading to greater leverage. A skill set is like the hammer in this illustration. A honed skill set can bring you out greater results with much less effort on your part. If you have spent years honing your public speaking skills, you’ll find that one inspiring speech from you can motivate, inspire and even transform hundreds of individuals in your organization! But seriously, how many of us can claim that for our own lives? We’ll be glad if our followers listen to instructions as they’re told! That said, your time spent honing these skills will have multiplier effect on your life. It may seem that you’re just wasting your time learning these skills; but no you’re not. It’s an investment.

The time you spent investing in obtaining good leadership skills today will reap exponential rewards in your leadership journey down the road. These leadership or personality tests are traditionally used for individuals to gauge their personality and leadership style. If you want to know about your own personality, you can actually use some of these tests to understand yourself more deeply. The truth is that, we're all made different, and we have different ways of handling issues. Some of us might be more passive, some more active. Some people are extremely organized, while others have great planning ability. But no one has them all. That's why we need teams. Using a personality test helps you to understand the diversity of gifts you have in your team, and how you can best leverage on every individual's potential. In this section, I am introducing some of the more famous tests and indicators used by people to gauge a person’s leadership style. Disc Personality Test

The DISC Personality Test was developed by John Geier in the early 20th century and is used to measure behavioral preferences and styles. The DISC Personality Test is a very simple test; this test is really based on two simple questions you can ask anyone: • Are you a task oriented person or people oriented?

• Are you an active or passive person?
These two questions will help you find out which ‘quadrant’ the person is in; whether he is a D(dominant), I(Influential), S(Steady) or C(conscientious). Here’s a more comprehensive test you can use.

There are 15 sets of adjectives below. For each set of 4 adjectives, choose the adjective that best describes you. At the end of the test, count the number of checks you have in one row and add them together.

|1 |Strong-Willed |Persuasive |Kind |Humble | |2 |Independent |Sociable |Pleasant |Cooperative | |3 |Bold...
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