Discipline & Success

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Self discipline seems to have dropped out of our culture as an admirable trait. The way successful celebrities are presented in our society can fool us into believing that great success is easy - almost like a product you can buy off the shelf.

But prolonged self discipline is the reality behind the appearance. When you go to see a movie you don’t see the thousands of hours of effort that went into it. The singer Eddie Cantor said it had taken him twenty years to become an overnight success.

Research shows that the single most important element in the success of people is the amount to time they spend practicing doing what they do. Innate talent may be important but not as vital as sustained effort and application - self discipline is what truly forges success in life.

Self discipline drives success. Any success in life needs the nutrition of self discipline to see the light of day.

If you want to succeed, not feeling like doing something is not a good enough reason to avoid doing it.

Anyone who only does things they feel like doing is going nowhere fast; like watching TV instead of getting on with that novel or staying warm at home instead of going to the football ground to practice.

Give yourself the respect you deserve! Developing iron self discipline for success means you are giving your yourself and your goals true and proper respect. Self discipline is the active agent that drives inspiration into reality.

A disciplined person does not spend all his/her time now, in trivial pleasures, they save some for the future. Time is funny stuff. You can’t put it in a box and save it for a future day, say the end of your life, and then haul it out and get extra days of life. The rule with time is that you have to invest it straight away. It multiplies and produces money in the future. You use this money to buy time from other people. For example, the money releases you from the need to work, and so that gives you a whole lot of time - much...
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