Disaster Mitigation

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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What is a Disaster? 
 There is no particular definition for a Disaster.  But we can define a disaster as a natural or manmade hazard resulting to physical damage or destruction, loss of life, or drastic change to the natural environment.

Types of Disasters 
Natural Disasters:
    Earth quakes Tsunamis Floods Snow storms

Manmade Disasters:
    Fires Nuclear accidents DEFORESTATION War

Disaster Management 
 Disaster management is the discipline that involves preparing, warning, supporting and rebuilding societies when natural or man-made disasters occur.  It is the continuous process in an effort to avoid or minimize the impact of disasters resulting from hazards.

Goals of Disaster Management

 Avoid or reduce the potential losses from hazards.  Assure prompt and appropriate assistance to victims of disaster.  Achieve rapid and effective recovery.



prevent the fore coming  PREVENTION: Trying to
disasters .

 MITIGATION: An attempt to prevent the hazards
from developing in to disasters.  PREPARE: It includes planning , training etc., to mitigate the effects of natural & manmade disaster.

 RESPONSE: It includes the mobilization of emergency

 RECOVERY: Its aim is to restore the affected area to its previous state.

Mitigation 
 Any activity that reduces either the chance of a hazard taking place or a hazard turning into disaster.  It includes building codes; zoning and land use management; regulations and safety codes; preventive health care; and public education.


 Precaution is always better than cure.  By increasing an awareness of mitigation into public disaster reduction can be achieved very effectively.  Mitigation planning also promotes a risk-based approach to development in which sustainable development is based on an understanding and management of all risk i.e....
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