Disadvantages of Cell Phones in School

Topics: Mobile phone, Education, Sociology Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: August 26, 2012
Have you ever thought that a cell phone would not be much of a problem if it was brought to school? Cell phones are usually used during lunch, breaks, right before and after class, and during class when it seems safe to use. Therefore, students should not be permitted to utilize cell phones during school hours and during both inside and outside a classroom.

First of all, cell phones pose as a distraction to teachers, classmates, and the student with the cell phone. Students with cell phones are usually trying to text to their friends while hiding the phone behind the teacher’s back. Committing such actions can interfere with the student’s education, plus, it wastes the teacher’s time of instructing a lesson and the classmates’ time of learning if the student is discovered texting. Also, another way that it can waste a teacher and his students’ time is a student’s cell phone ringing in the middle of class. When that happens, the teacher will try to get the student to hand over the phone, in which the student will refuse to reveal theirself and hand over their phone, thus wasting time. Surprisingly, some students never realize that any kind of distraction caused by a cell phone can be an annoyance to anyone, especially the teacher.

Next, students are capable of using their phones to cheat on tests. One of the ways that this is done is by texting friends to share their answers. To play it safe, students go on the internet on their cell phones in order to look up the information to get a more accurate answer. Not only is this wrong, but it can hurt the student and make them face the consequences. If the student is caught, they will be considered academically dishonest and can result with the student receiving limited options. Also, the students may not be ready in life, due to the fact that the student never fully understood or mastered the information since they cheated their way through school. When thought out well, cheating on tests with cell phones is risky...
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