Disability and Education Disabled People

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Legal definition:
* “The term "disabled person" means any person unable to ensure by himself or herself, wholly or partly, the necessities of a normal individual and/or social life, as a result of deficiency, either congenital or not, in his or her physical or mental capabilities”. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986

* “A condition that in some way hampers or hinders a person in terms of their ability to carry out day to day activities…general range of disabilities varies from conditions that are mild (for example, the need to wear reading glasses) to severe (for example, some forms of brain injury).” Parliament of Australia, Parliamentary Library,

Social Definitions:

* A disabled person is someone who is not able to do things that “normal” people can do. They have limited capabilities, which restrict the way they live their life.

* According to ABS, in 2003, New South Wales had 591800 males and 598800 females that were reported with a disability whether it is severe, moderate or mild.

Mobility problems or Wheelchair bound
Sensory (blind, deaf, mute), intellectual, physical or psychological disability Temporary or Permanent disability
May have personal carer
Uses specialised equipment to assist with basic duties eg. Elevators, ramps and disabled parking etc.

Specific needs (in priority order)

Health-As a disabled person they are inclined to have more frequent trips to the local doctors/hospitals depending on their disability. Some disabilities may need medication to keep well and therefore may need adequate and affordable medication costs.

Access to services-Disabled people needs access to services such as doctors, facilities, support services and other requires facilities. As a disabled person you want to have the right to access services as they gain more independence. For example a person wheelchair, they may need a car that is wheelchair accessible.

Financial support- Most disabled people need ongoing support and treatment from local care centres they can be very money consuming, depending on the severity of the disability. E.g. a quadriplegic is unable to work and cannot financial support themselves and rely heavily on government funding and family income

Self esteem- Disabled people are normal people and should be treated no differently. But usually a disabled person self esteem is allot lower than an able person as they feel they fit in society as they do things differently to able people. But disabled people within society are encouraged and treated as though they are normal so they don’t feel alienates or they don’t feel they belong.

Sense of identity - It is important that disabled people know that they should be themselves and not treated any differently. If a disabled person feels they don’t fit in, they may try to change who they are and act like someone they aren’t.

Safety and security-Safety and security are a need that is required by the disabled on account of their emotional wellbeing. Without their sense of safety and security the emotional wellbeing of the disabled person will be quite short because they feel quite weak to the other members in society. If the disabled person is in secure and safe environment and atmosphere they will grow in confidence and be more active in the community.

Housing - Housing is a important need for the disabled community because without shelter and protection they are unable to recover sooner. It is important as well that a disabled person has modifications to their household to allow ease in movement and to apply assistance when they are alone which allows the disabled person to be more independent and confident.

Education-Education is needed...
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