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Topics: Crime, Criminology, Theft Pages: 4 (1482 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Dissertation Outline
Dissertation Title: The effects of unemployment rates on crime rate and its type within the UK.

Chapter 1: Introduction
A brief introduction to the topic will be displayed in order to educate on the general information surrounding the topic. Overview -The study is being undertaken to reveal if unemployment rates affects the amount of crimes committed. The study also intends to show how unemployment rates cause an increase or decrease in certain criminal activity. This research can be of great importance as it will highlight the motives behind crimes and will show the extent of the problem in each category of crime with relation to unemployment rates. This research can be used to educate readers on how serious the issue is and what can be done to improve it. Purpose-The purpose of this study is to acquire knowledge to address the issue of unemployment rate related crime and the type of crime that unemployment causes. The use of quantitative research will try and fulfill that purpose by answering questions and testing the hypothesis. Research questions:

* To what extent does unemployment influence rates of crime? * What certain criminal activity is affected by increased rates of unemployment? * What can be done to reduce crime related to unemployment? Hypothesis - Increased unemployment rates in the UK will cause an increase in criminal activity with the biggest increase in burglary and theft related crime due it to causing a motive to act out a criminal offence.

Chapter 2 : Literature Review
It cannot be denied that the seminal paper by Becker (1968) and Ehrlich (1973) have been considered as the most important work in rejuvenating the interest in crime studies. While Becker (1968) emphasizes on the cost and benefit of crime, Ehrlich (1973) extends Becker’s crime model by including the role of opportunity cost between illegal and legal work. Poutvaara and Priks (2007) examine a model of criminal gangs and suggest that...
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