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ENGINEERING INSTRUCTION SMPS POWER PLANT (Model RMPS N X 100A / D) ITI 600 Amp No. SMPS/ D - 004 No of Pages. Issue No. Issued By: Approved By: Date of Issue No of Pages Issued by: Approved By: Date of Issue 11 01 T&D, Circle CGM T&D Circle 19-03-2005 NIL

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Power Plants & Batteries SMPS / D– 004

SMPS POWER PLANT (Model RMPS N X 100A / D) ITI 600 Amp


SCOPE This EI describes in general the salient features of SMPS power plants and in particular ITI 600Amp.Capicity RMPS N X 100 A/D Model. 2.0 Introduction: The System shall be capable of meeting the load requirements for various telecom equipment in Rural areas or Urban areas. The systems should be expandable at rack level itself or by additional rack using the basic FR/FC modules of the same rating. The prescribed FR/FC ratings are 6.25A,12.5A,25A,50A,100A,200A. Rural System: These type of systems are for smaller loads, which are normally installed in rented buildings where the roof height is not as per standard equipment room. These systems are normally required to work at unattended stations. The systems using basic modules of rating up to 50A are envisaged for this application. • Urban systems: These type of systems are to cater for the needs of larger loads. The systems using the basic modules of rating 50A, 100A,and 200A are envisaged for this application. System shall consist of a Distribution/Switching/alarm arrangement (DSA) & Float Rectifier-cumChargers (FR/FCs) in a rack. • It shall employ menu driven Micro Processor Controlled Techniques for DSA as well as module for control, monitoring & alarms to achieve better reliability of the system. • To cater for higher load requirements, same type of FR/FCs mounted in the same rack or different racks shall be capable of working in parallel load sharing arrangement. • Depending on the system requirements and manufacturer design one or all power plant racks shall be provided with a DSA for the ultimate system capacity. However, DSA shall preferably be provided either in the first rack or in a separate rack. • The DSA shall provide for the following: (a) Termination for the batteries (b) Termination for the exchange load (c) Interconnecting arrangement for power equipment. (d) Battery switching arrangement (e) Termination for AC input to the rack shall be finger touch proof, flame retardant, insulated. Use of bus bars for the purpose is precluded. (f) Termination for AC and DC to FR/FC modules. (g) Circuit/ Breakers/fuses etc. •

2.1 Principle of Operation Input: 400Vac, +10%,-15% 3-Φ,3wire 50Hz,+/-2Hz

I/P Choke

3-Phase Uncontrolled Full Wave Rectifier, PFC and Half-Bridge Resonant Bl Inverter Diagram

High Frequency Isolation Transforme rs

Rectifier & Output L-C Filter

48V/100A DC Output

A three phase uncontrolled full wave rectifier converts the three phase AC into DC. The rectified DC is converted into AC by resonant inverter which is a zero current switching type control having switching frequency above 20 KHz. This resonant inverter section consists of two IGBTs connected in a half bridge configuration. BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED A Govt of India Enterprises Restricted to Telecom Staff Page 2 of 11 Issue 1 Date


Power Plants & Batteries SMPS / D– 004

An LC resonance tank forces a quasi-sinusoidal current, which sinusoid ally increases with time as the IGBT conducts and linearly decreases down to zero. At this point the IGBT is turned off, thus...
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