Dinner with a Perfect Stranger Outline

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  • Published : September 27, 2007
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Dinner With A Perfect Stranger

Observations for Basic Understanding
Option 2
Nick Cominsky receives a invitation to have dinner with Jesus Christ. The story, for the most part, takes place in a restaurant called Milano's Restaurant. The book mostly focuses on the religious debate between Nick and Jesus and the main focus is on Nick and his reactions to Jesus' comments The two characters have little in common except for the fact that Jesus saved Nick from eternal damnation, as he did with all peoples. Nick's concerns in the beginning of the book are his dying relationship with his wife, Mattie, and that his colleagues are playing a joke on him with this invitation from Jesus. His concerns towards the end of the book change to him wanting to make his relationship with his wife enjoyable again. Jesus' only concern is that Nick accepts him as his personal Savior They dine together while debating religions and finding which one is the true path to Heaven.

Notes on First Impressions
Option 1
I loved how the author described Jesus. I was a little shocked that he went as far as to putting him in a suit. I would've put him in more casual clothing, just based on his humble attitude described in the Bible. I also liked how he cleared up the fact that Jesus didn't get crucified in the palms of his hands but more in the wrist. I always see too many posters of Christ's hands and the holes are in the wrong spot.

Development Of Ideas and Enlargement of Responses
Option 1
The dinner with Jesus starts with talking about whether certain Religions are true(Hinduism). The next point made is why do certain impersonal universal forces develop very personal beings(humans) In the end of the book all the loose ends are tied up and Nick realizes he's been a "lukewarm" Christian his whole life and now wants to spend the rest of his life living for God.
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