Digital Natives & Immigrants

Topics: Digital, Digital native, Generation Z Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Joshua Budhai 1/23/13
Period:G Digital Native or Digital Immigrant?
Today’s students today grow up around technology in a far more advanced way then past generations. We are constantly surrounded by electronics from an early age and are submerged in this technology so much that it makes us “Native” to its use and our understanding of it is enormous because of this. This concept is called being a “Digital Native”, in contrast there are those from older generations who were not born into a world filled with a constant flow of new technology, therefore they are foreign to this concept and “adopt” it later making them “Digital Immigrants”. The question presented is if Mr.Sciame is either a Digital Native or Immigrant. This heavily depends on the time period in which he was born, if guessing right he’s most likely born before the boom of this technological explosion we see today which is set right about after the year 2000 and if you consider the inventions that started this or where expanded on in recent years then u may include a couple years beforehand. Although many innovative inventions where discovered and made during the years before 2000, none of them match the pure amount of new technology made in today’s growing technology dependent world. In fact one of the world’s most top selling devices were made in recent years! These products include but are not limited to apple products, numerous gaming companies, and other life altering inventions such as the internet. If you include all these factors in deciding if Mr.Sciame is and Digital Immigrant or Native, it’s more likely someone would say he’s “technically” a digital immigrant as far as coming later into the new age of technology we see today given his age. Mr.Sciame is also considered a Native as well since he might have been exposed to the latest technology that was presented to him during his earlier life. Seeing as too how well adjust to technology and open to it...
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