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marketingketing strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy of Samsung
Samsung boasts the leading position in digital marketing strategy around the global. Its digital presence and digital convergence is pronounced throughout all product ranges, particularly in 3D TV, digital camera, and PCs.

Digital marketing campaigns adopted by Samsung captured the key elements of competition and through impactful communication promoted the brand image to an emotional high level.

‘Dedicated to Wonder’ – Samsung 3D TV launch

At the launch of 3D TV, Samsung established a new marketing platform named ‘Dedicated to Wonder’. “Digital and social marketing will be a core element of the marketing campaign. Dedicated to wonder is to communicate our value proposition. Focussing on consumer needs keeps us ahead of our competition.” The campaign, including two TV advertisements and strong digital presence was a marvelous success.

Featured Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna – ST1000 Digital Camera

Samsung established a unique strategic partnership with Austria’s renowned Schonbrunn Zoo, and equipped Orangutan ‘Nonja’ with the ST1000 camera to show potential customers how intuitive the ST1000 digital camera is at uploading photos onto the internet through wireless channel. A facebook account was created and a dedicated Microsite was designed for Nonja, both warmly welcomed by fans worldwide. The breakthrough marketing campaign was awarded a prestigious international CLIO award for strategic communications and public relations initiative.

Sang Jin Park, President of digital imaging business of Samsung Electronics commended: “today’s CLIO Silver award accreditation is an important milestone for Samsung and a celebration of our continuing efforts in showcasing our cameras and communications strategies with the most innovative and forward thinking campaigns in the industry. Our goal has always been to show camera users that our camera ranges are designed to meet everyone’s needs and the...
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