Digital Firm

Topics: Meaning of life, Digital, Analog signal Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Angel Terry
The Meaning of Digital Firm
Business Communications 204

The meaning of Digital Firm is nearly all of the organization’s significant business relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees are digitally enabled and mediated” (Laudon, p. 11). This is the meaning of digital firm in which it was given in our text book. This however, is not how I comprehend the definition of Digital Firm. I comprehend it in another way in which several other people may or may not comprehend the meaning but the word itself means what it says “Digital.” Think about that. Therefore the meaning of Digital Firm in my perspective is digital. Now, of course there is more to it than that but in a nutshell, in one word that is the meaning of this word.

Digital Firm also means in my perspective is operating a business continuously and operating a business in a global workplace. It also is adapting business strategies to meet market demands, improving in inventory and supplies, making the relationships between customers better, and improving organizational productivity.” N.A. (2012) All of these things tie in together to make up Digital Firm. Weather these things happen digitally or manually it is all the same it has to happen in order to keep the company operating, the market going, the world flowing. Operating a business continuously is very important not only for that company but also for the economy. It takes businesses operating continuously for the economy to stay steady. It also means that people jobs in the market are safe. Something as small as operating a business continuously all lead back to Digital Firm. Adapting business strategies to meet market demands is another way Digital Firm comes in. I am a graphic designer I am working toward marketing goals everyday at the company I work for. What makes it easier to do that is our internet and our computers. This is also an example of Digital Firm. The last one I will discuss is...
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