Digital Evidence

Topics: Computer data storage, Forensic science, USB flash drive Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Running head: Digital Evidence

Darlene Sampson
Digital Evidence
January 8, 2012

This paper will help explain the basic understanding of computer forensics. I will also identify five areas in computers and computer application a forensic investigator can look for digital evidence. I will identify three types of criminal investigations that can utilize the services of computer forensic investigators. This paper will help with the understanding of computer forensics.

Digital Evidence

What is computer forensics? Computer forensics involves the preservation, identification, extraction, documentation and interpretation of computer data. (Kruse & Heiser, 2002) Computer forensics is where the evidence is collected without being damaged or altered from a computer. The evidence that is collected has to be authenticated. Finally the computer data that was collected has to be analyzed. With all of the technology that is being used in today’s society, the investigative services may turn to computer forensic investigators to collect digital evidence from the data from the computer. The prosecutor may choose to use a computer forensic investigator to gather digital evidence to be used for a case. The computer forensic investigators need to know where they can find the evidence they are looking for. One of the five areas in a computer that a forensics investigator can look for digital evidence is on floppy discs, CD roms, DVD roms, flash drives and any other type of removable media. An investigator can get a lot of information from these types of storage media. They can tell what type of data was being stored or loaded on the system. The information that is pulled from these devices can be very helpful in an investigation. The digital investigator can get information that might be evidence against the suspects that are being investigated. Another one of the five areas in a computer that a forensics investigator can look for digital...
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