Difficulties in Writing Academics Essays in English

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When studying in a university teaching all in English, we need to write a lot of academic essays and articles in English. So there are many difficulties in writing academic essays in English.

Firstly, the most difficult part of writing an essay is the start. It is very hard to come up with a good thesis statement. Sometimes you do not know where and how to start writing an introduction. The thesis statement is very important because it will shape the body paragraph and determine what you are going to write. You need to have a good opening so that the others part will be easier.

Secondly, organizing is not an easy task. It is important how you put all the information together in a logic way. You have to keep track with the topic and do not go off track. For example, if you do not organize the information well, everything will become a mess and be failed. Therefore, the organization has to be cleared and well planned.

Finally, in academic essays, we need to use a large amount of technical and academic words accurately. So our problem is the academic language. Sometimes, our vocabulary is not enough for the writing, we cannot find the exact technical words that can express the meaning. We may lost for word while writing essay. To improve this, we have to learn more academic words and pratice more regularly.

In conclusion, although there are many hardships writing academic essays, we need to practice more and more to improve our writing skill. If you can overcome those difficulties, you will become a successful writer in the future.
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