Different Perceptions

Topics: Evolution, Natural selection, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Different perceptions are the seeds of conflict. They cause arguments between opposing sides and often when an individual is adamant that they are correct, conflict can worsen. Based on our life experiences, everyone has a different outlook on life. These differences contribute to variations in our perceptions of situations. Perception is the personal version of reality that we each experience. Perception applies to every situation, whether it be religion, identity, power, ideologies, health or actions, everyone will have their unique perception of reality which form the foundations for conflict to occur.

Dissimilar perceptions about an individual’s identity can cause conflict. Conflict over identity arises when an individual feels their sense of self is being disrespected, denied authority or is being threatened. Identity is integral to a person’s self-esteem and any threat to their identity is likely to produce a formidable response. Typically this response is defensive and aggressive, and often escalates quickly into an uncontrollable conflict, as threats to an identity are not easily put aside. The different perceptions about an individual’s identity form the foundations of conflict as the individual feels their sense of self-existence and self-esteem is being jeopardized causing them to retaliate.

Different opinions regarding who should rule a country also form the seeds of conflict. Many revolutions have occurred worldwide due to the different beliefs of who should rule a country. The American Revolution is an example of how different perceptions about who should rule the thirteen colonies in America caused conflict. The thirteen colonies of America were founded by Britain in 1607 and belonged to the British Empire. The colonies were autonomous and the influence of the English rule was diminishing. Local laws and political parties were formed within the colonies and the need for English rule was...
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