Different Ideas of Beauty

Topics: Aesthetics, A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful, Art Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Exploring the different ideas of Beauty.

Within a span of four months, we have explored the idea of beauty and the various definitions of it. We have learned that beauty can be interpreted in various way and found in anything. Like the saying goes “beauty is the eye of the beholder,” the notion of what is beautiful can be very subjective depending on the ones personal preferences at the same time we can have a collective evaluation and agree on something that every one considers to have some sense of artistic feel to it. In Edmund Burke’s book the philosophical enquiry, he share his ideas on “what is beautiful,” when explaining the traits of the sublime. In his philosophical work on the sublime and the beautiful, he tries to explain the distinctive qualities of the two categories, thus giving a new idea of beauty to explore apart from the conventional kind. He explores the sense of beauty one finds in the vastness of things. Beauty in the fear of the unknown and greatness. Burke’s philosophy shakes the conventional aesthetic attitudes of the people. For example, normally when we think of beauty, we associate it with things that provide us pleasure, however, burke forces us to get in touch with our other senses. He claims that the “Awe” moments created by things with great magnitudes and power, enforcing fear and excitement, the sense of an overwhelming feeling of astonishment can also be considered to be beautiful.

Additionally, studying the shock of the new, I personally have learned to appreciate and for a aesthetic attitude towards the visual art. Art is a means of communication for the artist to their audience. I learned that the notion of beauty can id different within this field as well, that not all art works are pleasing in to the eye. Apart from the collaboration of the colors, brush strokes, and frames, it is also the messages and the context the painting was created in that draws the people to it, regardless of if the painting is something...
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