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Topics: Denmark, Northern Europe, Western Europe Pages: 4 (1025 words) Published: March 4, 2013
North Europe and South Europe

There are many countries that are considered by many people to be alike, but honestly they are totally different. The examples are easy to find in western countries where it seems that they share common qualities like language origins, appearance and so on. However in detail, it is hard to tell that they are similar. The countries, in particular, North Europe and South Europe are the best example. They both are appertained by many countries but the difference appears with the direction that they are involved. This essay will compare two regions, which are north Europe and south Europe; in terms of their economies, personalities, welfare and corruption.

Firstly, one obvious difference between Northern and Southern Europe shows in the economy. They have opposite economy style. For example, according to Alderman (2010), Europe has two different speed of economy; one is north, the other is south. She said that north can shows easier and faster economic growth than south. The reason is that north Europe already experienced economic growth by reducing government services and collecting higher taxes. However it will be a challenge to south Europe that government needs to spend to boost demand. In addition, the Europe had public debt over 60 % at the end of 2010. Especially Greece that is southeast European has highest European debt union with 142.8 % and followed with Sothern Europe ("cnn.com," 2011). Moreover, the GDP draws a sharp dividing line between north and south (“north and south”, 2012). The Northern Europe, Germany, get back up with growth of 0.5%, an annualized rate of 2.1%. By contrast, Italy and Spain, the third- and fourth-biggest economies, increase declines of a shocking with 0.8% and 0.3%, each.

​​ Other areas of difference between the Northern Europe and the Southern Europe are their personalities. Through one journal, Trust and Trustworthiness among Europeans: South - North...
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