Hcr 230 Week 3 Assignment the Welfare Reform Act

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  • Published : April 29, 2011
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The Welfare Reform Act
HCR/230—Claims Prep II
Jeana Timmcke
University of Phoenix—Axia College

The Welfare Reform Act
Welfare has been a controversial issue since the 1960s, and continues to be a controversial issue. During the late 1980s, citizens were calling for reform of the Welfare System. Due to citizen concern the Personal Responsibility, Welfare and Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) came into effect. On August 22, 1996, Congress passed and President Bill Clinton signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation of 1996. The Welfare Reform Act drastically changed the nation’s welfare system. The Welfare Reform Act was set to provide more severe guidelines regarding the administration of Welfare Benefits. The law changed how funding is financially administered to recipients, and who can be considered for Welfare Benefits. The Welfare Reform Act caused many different groups people to lose benefits, but as a whole created better opportunities for people living in poverty. The Welfare Reform Act was successful in accomplishing its goals of creating less dependency.

Every President since the 1960s, except Gerald Ford, wanted to establish some kind of Welfare Reform. During the late 1980s, Citizens of the United States believed that the Government was spending too much on Welfare Benefits, but too little on assisting the poor. In 1988, the FSA, Family Support Act became Law. The FSA required states to create a JOBS program, Job opportunity and basic skills training. The JOBS program was set to help needy families avoid long-term welfare use. Unfortunately, the JOBS program didn’t work as planned. During the 1990s, states were required to make suggestions on how to change Welfare. During Bill Clinton’s Campaign in 1992, he pledged to end welfare as we know it. (Havemen & Scholz, 2001.)

In the early 1990s, welfare reform was debated among...
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