Difference Between Plant and Animals

Topics: Eukaryote, Organism, Cell Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The difference between plant and animal comes down to cell structure. Animal cells do not have cell walls and have different structures than plant cells. Plant cells only are in rectangular shapes but animal cells are either circular, irregular or defined shapes depending on the type of cell. Plants have 3 basic organs; roots, stems, and leaves. Plants lack a brain and all the organs that animals have to carry out metabolic functions as animals take their carbon from organic substances and plants take their carbon from the air. If you would look at the food pyramid then you could see that plants are the producers and animals are either herbivores or carnivores. The biggest difference is that plants have all the genetic information to make all the molecules that they need to exist but, animals all lack at least one piece of genetic information and are required to consume other organisms in order to live and/or reproduce. Another huge difference is that plants reproduce asexually by budding, fission, fragmentation, and regeneration. On the other hand, animals reproduce sexually through the fusion of haploid gametes to form zygotes and so on.

Both animal and plant cells have some similar structural elements. First off they are both eukaryotic, which means they have a defined nucleus. The nucleus contains chromosomes. It is protected and surrounded by the cytoplasm, which is a watery or gel-like liquid. Animal and plant cells have a cell membrane that surrounds the cell. Plants can be female or male just like animals because they can have the pistil which is the female part and the stamen for a male. Within the stamen is the anther and filament and the pistil contains the stigma, style and the ovary. Animals and plants have to go through mitosis and meiosis when reproducing. Animals and plants go through meiosis because both have sex cells and they go through mitosis to create more cells, so when people/plants/animals grow, it isn’t the number of cells, but the...
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