Difference Between Needs Wants and Demands and the Various Factors That Influence Human Consumption

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Problem and Solution Essay Outline

Tentative Title: The Problem of Lack of Professional Doctors in Kazakhstan can be solved I. Introduction
Thesis statement: Due to the lack of professional doctors in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstani government should solve the problem by preparing well-educated medical students, providing medical centers with modern equipment and increasing doctors’ salary. II. Background of Problem

• What is a problem –The lack of professional doctors; • Symptoms/signs of the problem – A part of population suffers from various diseases, doctors refuse to do difficult operations; • Who is affected? – Kazakhstani population;

• Where did it begin, or where is it most problematic? – In Kazakhstan; • When did it become such a problem? – After Independence, in 1991; • What are the reasons or causes of the problem? - Lack of educated doctors, low salary and old technology; • What are the consequences of the problem? - Illnesses among people increase, the growth of the population may decrease;

III. Solution One

The first solution for this problem is Kazakhstani government should prepare well-

educated medical students.

A. Strengths:

1) Students may become good specialists and find a job easily.

B. Weaknesses:

1) Well-educated students may refuse to go to the villages as volunteers.

2) Students may want to live and work in other more-developed countries.

IV. Solution Two

Secondly, government can solve this problem by providing medical centers with modern


A. Strengths:

The Lack of 3
1) The doctors’ work may become better.
B. Weaknesses:

1) It would cost too much money.

V. Solution Three

One final suggestion, which would help enormously, is increasing the doctors’ salary.

A. Strengths:

1) Doctors will work hard.
2) Most of school graduates may choose the doctors profession. 3) The corruption in hospitals may decrease.

B. Weaknesses:

1) People may want to become a doctor only because of high salary.

VI. Conclusion
To sum everything up, there are several measures which could be taken to solve the problem of lack of professional doctors in Kazakhstan. There were given three solutions for this problem. These measures must be taken in order to overcome the problem. The first and second solutions can be used but they are not profitable but the third solution is more suitable, because it is beneficial for doctors and Kazakhstani population. The Kazakhstani government should focus its attention on ways to reduce the impact of the problem lack of professional doctors in Kazakhstan on population and its health. Therefore, I strongly recommend to solve this problem by the third solution. So, the last solution should be realized because only then the situation can be improved.

The Lack of 1


Problem and Solution Essay
Essay Title: The Problem of Lack of Professional Doctors in Kazakhstan Can be Solved ID: 20102254

July 4, 2011
The Lack of 4
The Problem Lack of Professional Doctors in Kazakhstan Can be Solved The health is the most invaluable fortune in human’s life and everyone appreciates it. When people understand that their health in danger they come to the doctors with hope that they will help them. Therefore, doctors are people who can save the life of a sick person and who are responsible for the further improvement of patient’s health. Currently, the problem, lack of professional doctors in Kazakhstan forces to worry because many people are dying due to the unprofessionalism of doctors. According to the article (“Vracha ambulatorii “Demeu” priznali vinovnoi v smerti 12-letnei pacientki”, n.d.), the patient died because of the inefficiency of doctors and their negligence. Such kind of situation shows that...
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