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Topics: Project management, Decision making, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (655 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Discussion Questions

1. Why did Aselsan need to make the huge investment in an
ERP system? Why was its old system insufficient?

Aselsan’s information systems were not originally
designed to support project management activities. The company needed an ERP that could provide integrated views of
finance and budgeting, supply planning and scheduling, and
coordinate production centered on specific projects. “The
information needed for effective project management is getting more and more complex, and we needed an integrated
solution to support that,”

2. What challenges did Aselsan face while developing its
ERP system?
adapt to changes within the business while designing the core business systems the new system needed to accommodate.
The systems engineers had an additional challenge: The project needed to be completed with in 18 months, before Turkey adopted a new currency. Aselsan’s old systems could not accommodate the new currency, so if The new system wasn’t in place, Aselsan would be out of


Critical Thinking Questions
1. How does the quality of an ERP system contribute to a
Business’s ability to compete in the global market?

A study (Spraakman, 2005) that the adoption of ERP systems is a significant transformative effect on accounting processes and what is involved to provide the dimensions of Informatics supports much decision-making processes. The study found (and through a sample survey research for a number of Canadian companies) that ERP systems include the engine change to the number of operations budgets of capitalism on the one hand and the operations and activities of management accounting on the other hand. Where working systems ERP (and through calibration and automated collection activities, input, processing, analysis, and report information) to make accounting operations, especially operations budget, Capital Budgeting, numbers operating expenses, performance measurement, and accounting for cost more accurate,...
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