Diet and Depression

Topics: Nutrition, Omega-3 fatty acid, Fatty acid Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: November 26, 2012
“Can Diet Help Stop Depression and Violence?”

Every prisoner in jail most likely incarcerated due to some sort of violence they’ve committed or been a part of. There are many suggestions as to what can bring down depression and violence rates like Jurriaan Kamp explained. Some given information from the passage includes more physical activities, yoga, meditation and a well balanced diet. Yes, these symptoms might help bring down the depression and violence rates but that is not the only thing that has been researched on. Weirdly enough fish oil can provide the extra boost. Having a healthy diet with enough vitamins and nutrients are a great start for a healthy well-being. After researching and doing studies on certain prisoners and students by feeding them fish oil it is provident to say that prison violence dropped, children in school began to achieve better grades, and depression rates have fallen. Bad diets cause bad behavior and good diet prevents it. 231 British prisoners were rounded up and began to be investigated upon for four months. Bernard Gesch, a psychologist and the researcher spitted the men aged 18-21 in half. Half of them would be receiving multivitamin, mineral, and fatty-acid supplements with their meals. The other half would be taking placebos, a substance containing no medication to see if the vitamins and fatty acid like omega 3 really had an effect on prisoners’ violence and minor infractions. As month passed and Gesch observed that minor infractions of prison rules by the group consuming multivitamins and omega 3 had fallen by 26 percent. On the other hand the group taking the fake medication barely changed. The most dramatic changed was showed in the group taking the fish oil, incidents of violence dropped to a staggering 37 perfect while the prisoners on placebos did not change. Gesch did the same research in the Netherlands but results were different than in England. This time around he conducted research with 221 inmates ages 18-25....
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