Diesel Current Environment

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Diesel Exportplan
Current environment:


Goal Statement:
This business plan is set up to analyze if Diesel is capable of exporting a Diesel branded store to a country where they do not own a branded store. . This project was commissioned by the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Diesel Benelux. Abstract:

The first step of this project is looking at the current situation of Diesel and what tactics were used to accomplish this size and structure. Porters five forces analysis and the Abell model, marketing mix, competitors and marketing segmentation will be used to make up a SWOT-analysis of Diesel as a company. The data used will be from the spa.Diesel. A big organization like this deals with a big market and can provide us with a broad spectrum of data. There are also two stores located in Amsterdam which can provide a good example the structure a store should have and of how to approach a foreign market. In the last part we made a start for the future environment, using a country ranking to choose a country to export a Diesel branded store to. This country will eventually be Uruguay, and by using the DESTEP analysis we have displayed a first draft of information. We will focus our tactics on elements like location, price, product and promotion. Doing so we will find out what is the most profitable way to enter Uruguay.

Project team:2
Goal Statement:2
Company introduction3
Diesel SPA3
Legal form3
Mission statement3
Management Vision and Goals3
Abell model3
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Porter’s five force3
Power of buyers3
Power of Suppliers3
Barrier of new entry3
Degree of Rivalry3
Substitute Threat3
Competitors analysis3
G-star RAW3
5 Key Performance Indicators3
Stores online3
Customer Care Service3
By email3
Required fields3
By telephone3
Swot Analysis3

Company introduction
Renzo Rosso, founder and CEO of Diesel, started his career at the age of twenty when he joined a local textiles company in Italy called Moltex. He started at Moltex as a production manager in 1975, and only three years later, he convinced the managing director Adriano Goldschmied to form a partnership based on promoting new designer labels. Together they established The Genius Group, which was launched in 1978. The Genius group created a number of successful brand names, one of them became Rosso’s own Diesel jeans brand. The name Diesel was chosen by Rosso because of its international appeal, and the fact that it is pronounced the same (more or less) all over the world. The name Diesel also fitted the concept of global market segmentation along age and lifestyle. Rosso wanted to test his own style, and created the first full menswear collection for Diesel in 1979.

Two years later the first international sales started, and The Genius Group opened their first outlet store. Renzo Rosso stayed entirely involved with Diesel brand, and by 1984 he introduced a new line: Diesel Kids. With the new kids line; Rosso wanted to cover the entire range of youth markets.

By 1985 Rosso had sensed the potential of the Diesel Brand and bought out Goldschmied and the other partners of The Genius Group. Once Renzo had full control over the company, he created a new way of fashion approach and this happened through hiring new staff that he chose himself. These designers (mainly school graduates) where allowed to design new products freely and without restrictions to their own personal style.

To inspire his designers, Rosso instituted a research trip where the designers had to travel at least twice a year to adopt new...
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