Diabetes Mellitus and Healthy Life

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Diabetes is a disease that approximately affects three hundred and forty- six million people around the world; the sheer number of people living with this disease is alarming. It would be wonderful if the general public was more informed over diabetes, such as how one becomes diabetic, in what manner one may be able to prevent the disease, and living a healthy life with diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic Disease meaning that the ailment will last at least three months, and does not magically disappear; it could be in for the long haul. Some symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, weight loss, fatigue, dizziness, and irritation. Diabetes is also characterized by high blood pressure, inadequate production of insulin, and imbalance of glucose in the system. Two types of diabetes exist type one and type two. Type one diabetes is not as common as type two diabetes; and generally diagnosed in young children and adolescents. The pancreases is not producing insulin or enough to carry the glucose ,energy producing nutrients to the cells in the liver, causing an overflow of glucose in the blood stream often called high blood sugar. While type two diabetes occurs in individuals who may be able to produce insulin, but is unable to produce a sufficient amount or the body is insulin resistant and cannot use insulin effectively. Leading to a buildup in glucose in the body, these discrepancies in the body can cause strain in a diabetic’s daily life. Could one imagine how an individual’s life could be changed for the better if they were aware of how one may be able to reduce the risk of becoming a diabetic? In some cases, usually type two diabetes may be preventable. If one maintains a healthy life style such as, consume a healthier diet, maintain a “healthy weight”, and exercise on a general basis; one will significantly reduce the risk of becoming diabetic. Unfortunately a gargantuan amount of people in the world are diabetic, and have to live with the...
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