Diabetes for Indigenous Australians

Topics: Diabetes mellitus type 2, Indigenous Australians, Insulin Pages: 4 (1188 words) Published: April 21, 2013
A Holistic approach is fundamental in the aspect of Health and Wellness, not just for a sound mind but also for a fit body. As such, the endeavor to a better living is not without it’s faults. Australians struggle everyday to attain that continuum with programs and activities that better enable them to meet their goals, and one of those issues are Diabetes, for which part most are Type 2. It is a potentially preventable disease we’re the core causes of it are usually inadequate physical activity and poor dietary management. Over the years there have been programs that help aid the fight with this illness, and in that time there is still much to learn about it. On how it affects people based on their differences, how the culture may or may not hinder the prospect of growth and development, the well being of Australians, more so the Indigenous Australians as they are more susceptible to encounter this illness in their lifetime.

Also further knowledge would enable to facilitate further understanding of the disease and in doing so, would aid in the plight for wellness.

According to World Health Organization, Diabetes is a chronic disease, that occurs when a person’s pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produce thus leading to an increase in concentration of glucose in the blood (WHO 2013), There are 2 main types, Type 1 Diabetes, which usually occurs from a younger population-childhood or young adulthood, it’s when the pancreas no longer produces the insulin needed. On the other hand, Type 2 Diabetes, are the ones that stem from older generations, usually adults over the age of 45 though reports have shown it occurring at a younger age, that are usually aggravated by poor dietary management and lack of physical activity, it occurs when the pancreas is not producing adequate insulin and the insulin is not working effectively as it is suppose to. For Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians most...
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