Diabetes Demonstrative Speech Outline

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By the end of my speech and demonstration, the audience should be able tocheck there own blood sugars and be able to inject themselves with insulin. Introduction
Diabetes the silent killer. Doesn’t sound very scary does it but don’t be fooled. This disease is very deadly. Could you see yourself engaging in any normal everyday activity, then all the sudden a major organ or organs began to fail and shutdown without any warning sign? And the cause is because you have high blood sugars that go unchecked and unregulated for so long it was silently putting stress and damaging your insides. Well today I’ll show you how a person with type one diabetes keeps there blood sugars in check. Central Idea

Knowing how to check your blood sugars and inject yourself with insulin will help you with your health. Preview
A person needs to know how to regulate their blood sugars so they won’t become anymore ill than they already are. Body Outline
I. Checking Blood sugars
a. First and foremost you need a Glucose meter and strips. Also if necessary code the meter. b. Second you’ll need to load you lancet machine or you may have finger pricks c. Third find a testing site on a finger or your lower arm. I personally use my fingers and use an alcohol wipe to clean the area. d. Fourth prick your finger with the lancet and squeeze your finger until you produce a nice drop of blood. Then let the test strip such up the blood and wait for the reading to be displayed on the glucose meter. II. Administering Insulin to yourself

a. First you’ll want pick an injection site with a lot of fat either your stomach, thighs or the back of your arm and clean it with an alcohol wipe. b. Second you’ll get your syringe and depending on how many units you’ll need you draw that much from the bottle. Also make sure there are no bubbles in the tube of the syringe. c. Third inject yourself at the site where you previously cleaned and then after administering the insulin...
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