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A Remarkable Work Philosophy OF Dhirubhai Ambani
Authored BY: A G Krishnamurthy
A Summary

‘WE BET ON PEPOLE’………..Dhirubhai Ambani

Dhirubhaism— the remarkable work philosophy of Dhirubhai Ambani – by A G Krishnamurthy is an attempt to capture the unique insights that Dhirubhai shared with the author during their long association. The 15 Dhirubhaisms put together bring out the work philosophy of Dhirubhai and gives us a glimpse into the remarkable thinking process and practices of one of India’s most successful entrepreneurs. Thus, in true sense, this book is not a biography but the principles which took this great leader to such heights. Dhirubhaism, like most other isms is a philosophy or an attitude. The author, having closely observed Dhirubhai’s style of functioning has presented fifteen of them. They are not complicated attitudes either – they are simple viewpoints. But executing them took courage and as a consequence showed spectacular results.

The book, like the previous two: Invisible CEO and Desi Dream Merchants by AG Krishnamurthy are simple, crisp to the point and engrossing. The easy narrative is bound to keep the average Indian reader turning the page without the need to consult a dictionary. It is an effective echo of Dhirubhai’s famed ability to communicate his message in short, clear sentences.

The author of the book, A G Krishnamurthy, is the founder chairman and managing director of Mudra Communications Pvt Ltd., India’s third and largest Advertising agency, which began with a start up capital of Rs.35, 000 and one client. Mr.Krishanamurthy joined Reliance Industries in 1976 as their Advertising Manager. The agency’s two major brands, Vimal Fabrics and Rasna Soft Drink Concentrate have been nurtured by him from infancy to their current status as two of India’s leading and most recognized brands. In 1991, he set up Mudra Institute of Communications, the only advertising institute of its kind in Asia. Accompanied by a Foreword by Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd., in which he reaffirms his father Dhirubhai’s unique ability to bring out the extraordinary in ordinary folk, this book is a handy compendium for all those who have often been curious about the ability of Reliance to build mammoth projects in seemingly impossible environments. More than ambition, challenging adversity provided his father with the adrenalin that spurred him to build a fine business enterprise in less than three decades. An obstacle, for Dhirubhai, was an opportunity, not on obstruction. It compels you to find ways to duck it, circumvent it and vault over it. A set-back is no more than an interlude to prepare for a leap forward.

Mukesh Ambani further states that his father had little formal education. The world was his universe and the tumble of life itself served as his tutor. He started from a scratch without access to finance or to the network of the influential and the powerful. What

Dhirubhai was a man who always questioned conventional thinking, accepted thinking and intellectual sloth, armed with only his native intelligence and earthly wisdom. For him, Reliance meant something more than a mere business venture. Its collective capacity had to be harnessed to fulfill loftier ambitions. His son, now draws inspiration firm his father’s passionate eagerness to take risks, to raise the level of productivity and execute business plans in less time.

The Bhagvad Gita states”The actions of a great man are an inspiration for others.Whatever he does becomes a standard for others to follow.” Dhirubhai Ambani’s life exemplified this.Born on 28 December,1932, Dhirubhai was the fifth child of Hirachandbhai and Jamnaben Ambani.He left his hometown Chorwad,Gujrat for Aden, at the age of 17,to work at A.Besse & Co. Nine years later he returned to India and set up Reliance Commercial Cooperation, a...
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