Dhealth Examiners Report Form

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Form EX1DHealth


Report of the Examiners for the Degree of Doctor of Health

Name of Candidate

Student number

Title of thesis

Date of thesis submission

Name(s) of Supervisor(s)

Date of viva voce examination

Name of External Examiner 1


Name of External Examiner 2 (where applicable)


Name of Internal Examiner 1

Name of Internal Examiner 2 (where applicable)

In making their recommendation, examiners should take into account the extent and merit of the work as well as its manner of presentation and the candidate’s demonstration of a wider knowledge of the subject in the oral (viva voce) examination.

Please complete EITHER Part I (Award Recommended) OR Part II (Award Not Recommended)

If Part II has been completed, Part III must also be completed when the work specified in Part II has been carried out EX1DHealth
Part I

To be completed when the award of the degree of DHealth IS recommended, in accordance with Regulation 16.14 (l) (ii) (1): ‘that the candidate be awarded the degree of Doctor of Health’, or in accordance with Regulation 16.14 (l) (ii) (2): that the candidate be awarded the Degree of Doctor of Health, subject to minor corrections to the thesis being executed to the satisfaction of the internal examiner(s). Regulation 16.14 (m) requires that, in order for the degree of Doctor of Health to be awarded, the candidate shall have:

(ii) presented a thesis on the candidate's advanced study and research which satisfies the Board of Examiners as: (a) making an original and significant contribution to knowledge (b) giving evidence of originality of mind and critical judgement in a particular subject (c) containing material worthy of peer-reviewed publication

(d) being satisfactory in its literary and/or technical presentation and structure with a full bibliography and references (e) demonstrating an understanding of the context of the research: this must include, as appropriate for the subject of the thesis, the scientific, engineering, commercial and social contexts and

iii) passed a viva voce examination conducted by the examiners on the broader aspects of the field of research in addition to the subject of the thesis.

Please tick one box. Either:

1.No further corrections to the thesis are required and we recommend that the degree of DHealth be awarded. Forms EX2DHealth and EX3DHealth are attached. Or:

2.Minor corrections to the thesis are required and we recommend that the degree of DHealth be awarded when these have been carried out to the satisfaction of at least one member of the Board of Examiners. Forms EX2DHealth and EX3DHealth are attached. The required corrections are:

| |trivial/typographical | |more substantial, but do not alter the substance of the thesis in any | | |Candidates are not normally allowed more | |significant or fundamental manner and therefore do not require major | | |than 30 days to complete trivial or | |reworking or reinterpretation of the intellectual content of the thesis. | | |typographical corrections. | |Candidates are not normally allowed more than 12 weeks to complete more | | | | |substantial minor corrections. | | |The permission of the Chair of the Board of Studies will be required if the deadline is to be extended beyond the limits | | |specified above. |

Deadline for completion of the corrections

External Examiner 1Date

External Examiner 2 (if applicable)Date

Internal Examiner 1Date

Internal Examiner 2 (if applicable)Date

I/we confirm that...
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