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Final Poster Project:
ECFS 200
The goal of this assignment is to help you locate, analyze, and integrate current information on programs and research related to young children and families. Your task will be to select an issue, area of social need, or topic that is important to you. It must relate to children and/or families in any age from birth to 3rd grade. This assignment is designed to be extremely useful and practical, allowing you to explore and develop your knowledge about a topic that you really care about. The assignment, due March 21st (last day of class during Finals Week), is to consist of a poster presentation detailing: (a) A brief background of the issue, need, topic, or model (1-2 paragraphs) (b) A research question in the proper format (see below) (c) An analysis of it in light of research and bioecological systems (length will depend on your content: 2-3 paragraphs of explanation, interspersed with whichever of the following seems appropriate: data (e.g. graphs/ charts, etc), visual aids, bulleted lists, quotes, etc…) (d) Implications for practice (in a context within education, health, parent support, or policy, etc) (1-2 paragraphs) (e) A bibliography with at least 5 academically rigorous sources (attach to back of poster) Topic Proposal: Due March 8th

Please submit a short (1-2 paragraphs) proposal. It should include: 1. What is your research question? It should be in this format: In working with _________________ (this is who)
in _________________________(this is the setting),
are/is ______________(this is the type of intervention)
effective in promoting________________________ (this is the desired outcome)? 2. Why do you want to research this topic? (1 paragarph) 3. How does bioecological systems affect/ is applicable to your question? 4. A bibliography of 3 academically rigorous sources beyond ECFS 200 course readings (this is to get your “feet wet” in finding your sources- you may include...
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