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Institute of Nursing Student Council
Red Cross Youth Council – I.N. Unit
S.Y. 2012 – 2013

July 6, 2012

To:Dr. Miguel M. Carpio
Vice-President for Academic Services

Thru:Dr. Marilou F. Cao
Director, Office of Student Affairs


Greetings in the name of service and solidarity!

The Disaster Management Services Committee and Safety Services Committee of the Far Eastern University - Red Cross Youth Council Institute of Nursing Unit (FEU-RCYC IN Unit) under the Institute of Nursing Student Council (INSC) would like to clasp a project entitled, “Operation Salvus 3: A Red Cross 143 Training Program” with the theme of “Be Equipped, Be Aware in taking the Lead to Save Lives”. It will be held on July 22, 28, and 29, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the following venues: University Conference Center (Day 1, Day 2 and morning of Day 3), FEU Basketball Court-Quadrangle (afternoon of Day 3). Lecture and activities about Basic First Aid, Basic Life Support, Basic Disaster Management and Community Organizing will be conducted on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Mass Casualty Incidence Simulation on the last day of the project.

This three-day activity will help participants to learn and be prepared with proper knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve safety procedures in emergency and disaster situations. This can also serve as training for those participants who want to join FLINDERS: An FEU–RCYC IN Unit Disaster Response Team.

May we request your good office to allow the 100 participants who are IN students from level I-IV, to enter the campus wearing red shirt, jeans and rubber shoes with their school ID on July 22, 28 and 29, 2012.

Furthermore, may we request permission for the entry of facilitators and volunteer instructors whatever instructional materials and vehicles they may bring inside the campus premises provided that they present valid identification card. Attached herewith is the list of facilitators, volunteer instructors and instructional materials that will be used for the said activity.

The lists of the guests are as follows:

Ms. Crisanta Cayetano | Chapter Administrator, Red Cross Youth, Manila Chapter | Mr. Johnas Silang | Chapter Service Representative- Red Cross Youth, Manila Chapter, P.R.O., FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2011 | Ms. Liwanag Nuque | Chapter Service Representative-Red Cross Youth, Manila Chapter | Mr. Van Christian Lo | President CYC, President, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2009 | Ms. Honey Chille Tolentino | INSC Adviser, Batch 2007 | Mr. Raymond Jay Mazo | President, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2007 | Ms. Ellen Jay Millares | FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2008 |

Ms. Cristelle Macadangdang | President, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2008 | Ms. Rianne Esperas | Head-National Blood Services Committee, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2008 | Mr. Neugene Cu | Head-Committee on Special Operations, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2008 | Mr. Dave P. Calubaquib | PRO, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2009 | Ms. Mary Margarette Estupigan | President, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2010 | Mr. Julius Lansang | Secretary, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2010 | Ms. Charmie Lou Atilano | Treasurer, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2010 | Mr. Jeff Melandro Bautista | P.R.O., FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2010 | Ms. Aireen Kristine Villaruz | Head-Committee on Special Operations, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2010 | Ms. Erelle Ann Remogat | Volunteer, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2010 | Ms. Anna Karessa Quinto | President, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2011 | Ms. Anna May Oliveros | Secretary, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2011 | Ms. Maria Fernani Marallag | Assistant Secretary, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2011 | Ms. Genelle Gomez | Auditor, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2011 | Ms. Kareen Munda | Volunteer, FEUIN-RCYCC Batch 2011 | Ms. Yoko Yoan Shibuya | Head, NBSC, FEUIN-RCYCC 2011 | Mr. Abel Alvarez | Head, DMSC, FEUIN-RCYCC 2011 |

Ms. Ryka Mae Torres |...
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