Community Emergency Preparedness and Response

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Community Emergency Preparedness and Response
Brittiany Taylor
NUR 408
February 19, 2012
Felita Patterson

Community Emergency Preparedness and Response
This paper discusses subjects in newspaper articles and scenarios in the Pearson Health Science Neighborhood in season two, episode five in the University of Phoenix student website under the course materials section. A fire began in the Neighborhood community and the residents developed respiratory complications related to the smoke from the fire. The fire continues to thrive even after five days (Pearson health science, 2011). The community lacks an emergency preparedness and response plan and is in need of one. Local, state, and national public health agencies are needed such as local and state emergency medical services, the American Red Cross, and the local, state, and federal emergency management agency (FEMA) to participate in this emergency situation. Summary of event

The Neighborhood community is a community located near a forest and along the bank of a river with a population of 64,200 residents. A forest fire has been raging for five days and is nearing the Neighborhood community, destroying numerous acres of land. Firefighters are battling to obtain control of the forest fire and health care workers are struggling to deal with the patients and their respiratory problems. The seniors are going to the senior center clinic with respiratory problems and the hospital is overflowing with patients with respiratory complications. There is a staff shortage in the hospital and the employees are tired and overworked, with a new proposal to require mandatory overtime. The city officials are urging the citizens of the community to stay indoors and to absolutely not go outside unless it is necessary due to the pollution from the smoke. The wind is blowing the smoke toward the town causing the smoky air to affect everyone, but those with preexisting conditions are suffering more than everyone else. The officials have also advised that if the fire continues and the fire department is unable to get the fire under control, then they would advise the community of a plan (Pearson Health Science, 2011). Jimmy Bley and his wife Cecilia are lifelong partners that are in their 70’s and have ongoing health concerns. Jimmy has hearing loss and suffers from emphysema, which he describes as not that bad. Cecilia suffers from osteoarthritis that she describes as annoying. Cecelia has informed Jimmy that the dryer has broken and he needs to go to the store to purchase the parts needed to repair the dryer. Jimmy knows that he should wait until the smoke clears before he goes to buy the parts but Cecelia wants the dryer fixed now so she can finish drying the clothes. One of Cecelia’s daughters comes to take her to the laundry mat so she can finish the laundry. The middle school is hosting the annual science fair during the time. More than fifty children from the school are participating in the event with their projects. Selected students will obtain a chance to go into a higher level of competition such as the regional, state, and national science fairs (Pearson health science, 2011). Actions of health care workers

The local hospital is full of patients with respiratory complications that are affected by the smoke from the fire in the community. The emergency department is in need of hospital beds but none are available. They are pressuring the floor staff to give them beds when there are no beds available. The staff is stressed and the morale is low secondary to the pressure placed on them to discharge other patients to make a place for those who are waiting in the emergency department. Nurse Karen noticed the effects of the forest fire on the residents at the Neighborhood Senior Center Nursing Clinic. Many of the seniors have required the use of oxygen secondary to the effects of the fire. Nurse Karen has instructed the seniors that have respiratory...
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