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To be used by European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss nationals residing in the UK and their EEA or Swiss national family members. Please note it is not mandatory to complete this application form. However it will assist in dealing with your application more efficiently if this form is used. Please read the guidance notes at the front of this form before making your application. Our application forms change periodically. If you obtain this form some time before applying, please check that it is still the version which must be used when you are ready to apply. There is no fee for an application on this form. For information about other EEA forms, see page 4. If you need help in completing this form telephone 0845 010 5200 Applications on this form may be made by post or in person at our Croydon Public Enquiry Office. To apply in person, you must book an appointment in advance with Croydon PEO. You can do so online at: https://ukbabooking.homeoffice.gov.uk If you apply by post you must send your application to the following address: UK Border Agency European Applications EEA1 PO Box 306 Dept 110 Liverpool L2 0QN WORKING TOGETHER TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC EEA1 Version 07/2012 - Page 1 of 21



Version 07/2012

This form is to be used for applications made on or after 16 July 2012

There is no legal requirement for EEA or Swiss nationals to obtain a registration certificate to confirm their right of residence in the UK. Any EEA or Swiss national applying for a registration certificate does so on an entirely voluntary basis. discovered related to this application. 1. WHO CAN APPLY ON THIS FORM 5. COMPLETING THE FORM EEA or Swiss nationals exercising Treaty rights in the UK can apply for a registration certificate on Please use a black pen to complete the form, and this form. You may include your family members in write names, addresses, and similar details in the application if they are EEA or Swiss nationals. capital letters. See part 14 of these notes for information about In the applicant’s details and other sections where Treaty rights. you give personal details and addresses, leave an Although Switzerland is not a member state of empty box between each name and each part of the EEA the agreement between the European the address. Community, its member states and the Swiss Please note that we always use the personal Confederation on the free movement of persons details in an applicant’s passport or identity card gives similar rights of residence to Swiss nationals for official purposes, including any registration cerand their family members. Any further reference tificate issued if the application is successful. on this form to EEA nationals includes Swiss Take care to complete all sections as required. nationals. You must enclose a letter of explanation if you are You and any family members included in the appliunable to complete any part of the form because cation must be in the UK to apply. you do not have the required information. 2. RELEVANT UK LEGISLATION The relevant legislation for applications on this form is the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006. You can find it on our website at www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk and also obtain a copy from HMSO. 3. WHEN TO APPLY You may apply at any time during your stay in the UK. 4. ENSURING COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION IS If you need help with any of the questions you can seek advice by telephoning 0845 010 5200. 6. PHOTOGRAPHS You must provide the following photographs: • wo identical passport-size colour photographs T of yourself with your full name written on the back of each one. • wo identical passport-size colour photographs T of any family members applying with you with their full name written on the back of each one. The photographs you provide must be in the format specified in the separate photograph guidance. Please ensure that you place the photographs in a small...
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