Development of a Web Based Recruitment Process System for the Human Resource of an Organization

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1.1. Introduction
For an organization to run successfully and efficiently it's very important that it has efficient workers and to use it's resources very well especially human resources. So one of the important goals of an organization is to recruit right people for the right job.

So there should be a proper recruiting process management system so that all the activities and selection procedure can be carried out effectively without losing its transparency. A web based recruitment system will be of great help in carrying out recruitment operations and with this very objective in mind this web based recruitment system will be made. In this web based recruitment system it will manage all such activities (like storing applicants data, scheduling interviews, retrieval of recorded data and easy application) and that will save time, manpower and the biggest advantage of being it web based. This web based system will provide better prospective for the enhancement of organization regarding to quality and transparency.

1.2. Background of the case study
The Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI), located in Entebbe, Uganda, was established in 1936 as the Yellow Fever Research Institute by the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1950, after gaining regional recognition it was renamed the East African Virus Research Institute (EAVRI). After the collapse of the East African Community in 1977, it became a Uganda government public health research institution and was renamed the Uganda Virus Research Institute. The government of Uganda now administers and funds the institute through the Uganda National Health Research Organization (UNHRO) which is an umbrella research body with in the Uganda Ministry of Health.

The mission of the institute is to carry out scientific research concerning communicable diseases, especially viral diseases of public health importance and to advise the government on strategies for control and prevention. The institute also plays a large role in coordinating and administering virology related clinical trials within the county. Most recently the institute has been involved in human HIV vaccine clinical trials. The HIV/AIDS Reference and Quality Assurance Laboratory (HRL), which is part of the institute plays an important role in making public policy recommendations to the Uganda National Drug Authority on the access and usage of new drugs and medicaltechnologies.

1.3. Problem Statement
The current recruitment processes are primarily manual and paper based. These processes are labor intensive, costly and unfriendly from the applicant and managerial point of view.

It is worth notifying that with the increasing number of applicants at the institute and with this current recruitment processes which are primarily manual and paper based are no longer efficient. It is the intention to replace these with a system that will allow direct job applications on-line and improve this situation.

1.4. Objectives of the study
This project is aimed at developing a web-based (on-line)recruitment system for Uganda Virus Research Institute which will store data, schedule interviews, allow easy retrieval of data and finally also allow easy application. However there are other specific objectives and these will include; •To investigate the current system being used.

To design a web based recruitment process system.
To implement a web based recruitment process system.
To test the web based recruitment process system.

2. Activities and...
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