Development of Secure and Insecure Attachments in Children

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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Disscussion on research associated with the development of secure and insecure attachments in children

During the past fifty years much research has been carried out on the secure and insecure attachments for children. Many reaserchers have been particularly interested in the relationship between secure and insecure attachments in the child`s development , and what bearings it has on the child`s emotional , social and psychophysical well being ( Erikson, 1963; Bowlby, 1958; Ainsworth, 1978). This essay atempts to look at some of the attachment theories and researches that have been proposed by some well known psychologists.

Attachment relationship is an emotional bond that is developed between a caregiver and infant over a course of time, from birth to early childhood and has 4 phases of development ( Ainsworth , 1978; Shafler, 1996 ).

Insecure attachments in children are those who fail to demonstrate security and confidence in the following ways. 1)show resistant attachment with the caregiver
2)2) disorientated and confused when re-united with the mother 3)3) often avoid contact with the mother when re-united. ( Keenan, T. 2002 ) Securly attached children tend to follow a different pathway of development in life and grow up as healthy, competent children able to form good relationships with others. ( Erikson, 1963). DISCUSSION

Much of the research on secure and insecure development of children has been carried out for more than a half a century. The researchers have argued whether there is a connection between the early bonding of the mother and child, and later development of secure and insecure attachments in children (Bowlby, 1958, 1960).

John Bowlby (1958 ) was one of the pioneers to start research on parent’s and their infant bonding. John Bowlby developed a theory called “ The attachment theory “ where he gathered empirical evidence from earlier work carried out in...
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