Development in the Era of Globalization

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Department of Social and Historical Studies

Development Studies

1DEV610 Development in the Era of Globalisation


Academic Year 2009/2010
Semesters 2

Module Outline

Module Leader: Dr Farhang Morady


Welcome and Introduction3

Module Aims 3

Teaching Pattern4

Core Reading4

Lecture Schedules7

Assessment / Submission 23

Grading Patterns23

Referencing and Bibliography 25

Plagiarism Detection Service26

Plagiarism detection system (JISC)27

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the module. This handbook provides all the information you need regarding the module’s content and assessment requirements. It includes the module’s aims and learning outcomes, assessment weighting and assessment criteria, the lecture and seminar topics, essay questions, reading lists, rules for referencing and bibliography, and university assessment regulations.

Module Aims and Objectives
There are many debates and discussionsaround the definition of globalisation: a) globalisation is seen as an increasing integration of the world’s economies through eradication of barriers, opening of capital market and international trade; b)a process of interdependence between states across the world over a range of complex issues such as environmental degradation or nuclear proliferation. If a and b are correct what role do non-governmental organisations such as multinational corporations, terrorist organisations, human rights groups or religious movements play to shape our world politics?This module will examine these concepts, including the spread of neo-liberal economic orthodoxy and the role of the state. We assess whether increased economic and political interdependence makes nation-states powerless to intervene on behalf of their citizens, and the extent to which globalisation is compatible with democracy. Students will critically examine the debates on the changing nature of international politics, including the future role of states and inter-governmental organisations.

Learning Outcomes:
Through studying this unit you should:

* gain an understanding of concepts and theories of globalisation and its application; * have a good knowledge of key post-war changes in the nature and institutions of the international economy; * be able to use documentary sources produced by international organisations such as the World Bank, IMF and WTO; * use transferable skills, including critical evaluation, analytical investigation, giving oral presentations, communication and teamwork.

Teaching and Learning
Students will attend a lecture and a seminar. Lecturers introduce essential knowledge, theoretical perspectives and debates as a framework for further study. Seminars will be an avenue to check students’ understanding of the lectures, examine different issues raised and encourage engagement and critical thinking. Students must read the core text in preparation for the seminars as they will be required to prepare a short in-class presentation.

The module will include two sessions of Guided Independent Study (GIS). This allows students to work independently, to develop their individual skills and knowledge of their own learning capabilities. Activities undertaken in GIS aim to support the students and ensure they meet the module learning outcomes. GIS activities may include a field trip to the Foreign Office, to investigate its central role in development policy making and implementations in a globalised world. GIS may also include visitsto relevant historical sites, the provision of extracts from texts and journal articles with questions to guide and direct students to achieve positive learning outcomes related to development.

Lecture and seminar Schedules
You are pre-allocated a seminar group. These lists will be made available from Lecture One.

Tuesday 15:00 –...
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