Develop a Workplace Learning Environment

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The first problem area that needs to be addressed with this team is taking on the role of leadership.

We need to establish what the role of the team is. The goal is to essentially increase distribution and productivity to meet the companies requirements. Encouraging team members to question the purpose of the team, how it will operate and what role is expected will make for a better understanding of the team roles and roles of individual members. It’s more likely team members will share a common understanding of the goals when they have been given a chance to debate and have input rather than just being told from an external party. There are numerous ways in which team members can debate their role: -Team Meetings

-Work Shops
-Values Exploration Exercises
-Project Scoping Sessions
-Imagining Exercises
I will personally be going with the Team Meeting and Work Shop options as it suits my style of leadership and I think will benefit the group more than the other options. Goal setting must be clear, achievable and agreed upon.

Goals and Objectives need to follow the SMART principle. Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. These objectives are to be Teamwork products as opposed to Work products of the individuals. The objective must be based on the collaborative efforts from all the individuals in the team. The main objective is to get the departmental productivity increased to meet the organisations expectations. With this objective established the team is able to collaboratively develop action plans which attribute time frames, resources and personell to specific activities. To appropriately assign each team member their task so the goal can be achieved efficiently skills mapping is required. This is essential to designation of team personell. To accurately allocate tasks and utilise each team members skills the compentencies, qualifications, experience and interest should be mapped against the performance requirements. Skill mapping involves aligning team members with their:

-Current Training
-Previous Team Roles
-Interest with regards to the specific team roles.
The skill maps will also establish if there are any gaps that require fixing through training, coaching, mentoring or assistance from other personel, departments or exterior sources. It can also be used to determine the personal and professional development needs of individuals in the team.

With the appropriate personel in place to make production most efficient we have to ensure that each team member understands clearly their role in the team. Guidelines now need to be put in place to measure the teams performance in relation to it’s goal. We need to establish some key performance indicators or KPI’s that will be used to measure each objective and then ascribe a standard that must be achieved. The team needs to collectively agree on these KPI’s. These KPI’s can also be used in a reward scheme that gives the team recognition if they achieve their goals. For example if the team achieves the organisations desired productivity output levels then they may receive a reward in the form of a monetary bonus. It could also be a sliding scale with the more productivity output the bigger the reward. The key is making sure all workers are on the same page so the team is working together as one to achieve this goal. The Companies upper management will also need to be consulted to establish firstly if this reward is available and secondly the terms and conditions of the reward. We are trying to develop a high performance team however it must be said you simply can’t throw a group of people together, tell them they are a team and immediately expect results equivalent to that of a high performance team. There are four stages of determining where a team is at in its life cycle. Although this team had already been formed before I was employed as leader with its differing backgrounds and levels of...
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