Detention Basin

Topics: Hydrology, Externality, Pigovian tax Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: May 18, 2013

Analyze the externality of detention basin
By providing public participation to Sa-eab citizen and Sueb Foundation, the government will able to communicate with the people in developing acceptable alternatives. The public proposes several alternatives, but one alternative seem to be feasible to implement. The alternative of detention basin or monkey cheek will be taken into government consideration that its feasibility assessment will be conduct before implementing the project. To put it more precisely, the construction of the dams, upper Yom Dam, and lower Yom Dam will degrade the environment, relocate great number of families, and their storage capacity are lesser when compare with numerous detention basin. Detention basin will be built in many area of Yom river Basin, thus when counting all of the basins, the overall water storage capacity would be up to 1,000 cubic square meters. Importantly, budget is going to be utilized in constructing the detention basins is approximately 4,000 million baht, which is 70 percent lower than the dams project. Detention basin is a flood plain or water storage area including public pound, man-made pound, and lake. The detention basin was introduced to Thai society by H.M. Bhumibol Adulyadej to store water and relief flooding. Sometimes, the public pound has been shallow, thus the government has to develop the capacity by dredging. Moreover, a new detention basin can be built on floodplain area by digging a ridge as a surrounded area that can store water for certain amount. As mentioned above, the direct benefit of is to store water during flood and drought period. Moreover, before implementing the project, an externality of detention basin, both positive and negative, must be conducted. The detention basin’s externalities will be following identify; Positive Externality

1. When comparing with the construction of the dam, the detention basin tend reduce the loss of environment area and wildlife. In fact, the...
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