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P&G School Nutrition Program
Placement on Continuum of Evidence      
Target Audience
The P&G School Nutrition Program is for 4th grade students. Summary
The P&G Nutrition Program is an educational curriculum to promote healthy eating and physical activity patterns for students in the fourth grade. Evidence
We were unable to locate any peer-reviewed publications evaluating the effectiveness of this program.  The program was developed by Proctor & Gamble with the help of an advisory board of four experts (i.e., a dietitian, exercise physiologist, doctor, and teacher). Components

The P&G Nutrition program includes an instructor’s manual, student take-home booklet, and in-class curriculum that provides instruction on reading food labels, calories consumed, calories expended, planning a menu, and using online resources to increase knowledge of nutrition and physical activity.  The program includes a pre- and post-test to evaluate student progress. The instructor’s manual provides classroom activities with a learning objective, required materials, preparation and activity time, group sizes for the activity, and notes. The student’s take-home guide gives the student information about balanced meals, serving sizes, healthy snacks, and different exercise activities.  There is a portion of the student take-home guide for parents.  This section teaches parents how they can make it easy for their children to make healthy choices, how to make physical activity fun, and it includes three recipes for healthy snacks. Previous Use

We were unable to determine how extensively this program has been used. Training
There are no training requirements; the short instructor’s manual may help with implementation. Considerations
Considerations include, but may not be limited to: (1) buy-in from the classroom teachers; and (2) time to implement these activities within the school day. The Clearinghouse can help address these considerations. Please call: 1-877-382-9185, or Implementation

If you are interested in implementing P&G School Nutrition Program, the Clearinghouse is interested in helping you! Please call: 1-877-382-9185, or email: Time
The 7 program activities last between 30-60 minutes.  Additional time is needed to acquire supplies, print handouts, and prepare for teaching. Cost
Program materials are free and are available for download at Evaluation Plan
To move the P&G School Nutrition program to the Promising category on the Clearinghouse Continuum of Evidence, at least one evaluation should be performed demonstrating positive effects lasting at least one year from the beginning of the program or at least six months from program completion. The Clearinghouse can help you develop an evaluation plan to ensure the program components are meeting your goals.  Please call 1-877-382-9185, or email Contact

Contact the Clearinghouse with any questions regarding this program. Phone: 1-877-382-9185 You can also contact the P&G School Program using their "feedback" webform at

Procter & Gamble Student Project Team
HyTex will focus on the development of a next generation technology which will provide target process roll surface characteristics for a high speed fluid application system. The consumer preferred paper used in Bounty, Charmin, and Puffs has a low density network of cellulose fibers.  These fibers can become dislodged from the network and contaminate the surface of high speed rolls used to create features in the product. Our proposed design project is to develop an innovative method to reliably remove fiber and fluid contamination from process roll surfaces. The system needs to operate continuously, at very high efficiency, while maintaining product quality and meeting all safety,...
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