Detailed Lesson Plan

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Catherine U. Toledo
Detailed Lesson Plan
I. Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the first year section one students should be able to: * Recognize key word that indicates certain mathematical operations. * Translate verbal statement into equations.

* Identify the basic steps in solving word problem.
* Solve age problems in at least 5 minutes.
* Show the process in solving the Age problems.
* Demonstrate honesty through solving and checking Age problems.

II. Subject Matter: Age Problems (Elementary Algebra)
III. Reference : Textbook
Aufmann, R.N, Barker, V.C. and Lockwood, J.S. Beginning Algebra with Applications.1898.pages 92-97. Barnett, R. Schaum’s Outline Series Theory and Problems of Elementary Algebra.1993. pages 32-35. IV. Materials:Colored chalk, Flash cards, visual aids, illustration board V. Procedure

Teacher’s Activity| Student’s Activity|
A. Daily Routine B. PrayerAll stand for our opening prayer C. GreetingsGood Morning, Class!Is there any absent from the class today? D. ReviewWhat was our lesson last meeting?Very Good! Okay, what is variable? Again?Yes James!Very Good! What about numerical expression?Yes AnaGreat! Does everyone understand the meaning of variable and numerical expression? E. Motivational ActivityPlease count off 1 – 5, start on youSelect leader and facilitator on your group.The facilitator will get the materials needed in the activity. Write your group name in a ¼ piece of paper.Okay class! Does each group already receive chalk and 1/8 illustration board? Listen to my instruction! I have 10 Flash cards which has verbal statements. You need to translate verbal statements into equation. The first group who raise their illustration board with correct answer will gain points. Each member should answer 2 questions.Understand class? There is any question?Okay! First card “ The sum of x and seven is 10”Yes! Group Green? Very Good!Second card “9 decreased by y is 12 “Group Blue? Good!Third card “ twice b is 20 “ Group Yellow? Great!Fourth card “6 is the quotient of z and 12 “Group Red? Good!Fifth card “ 10 less than y is 7 “Group Black? Great!Sixth card “ 2 less than the product of numbers x and 8 is 18 “Group Blue? Correct!Seventh card “5 more than twice a number n is 3” Group Green? Very GoodEight card “6 times a number c divided by 2 is 12” Group Red? Nice!Ninth card “the total of d and 12 is 15“Group Yellow? Great!Tenth card “the difference between y and 5 is -2” Group Black? Good!Very Good! Class, I have here a problem and you are going to solve and discussed the answer in 5 minutes okay class!“Jake, Frank, Elsie’s ages total 15 years. Frank is 5 years older than Jake and Elsie age is 3 times Jake’s age. Determine the age of each person.”( After 5 minutes )Time’s Up! Group Blue! What’s your answer?Very Good!What about the other group?Very Good class!Group Blue got the highest point! Don’t worry to the other groups because later we have an activity. F. Lesson ProperDid you enjoy the game?Did you have any idea what is our lesson all about? Yes Ana!Very Good!In the problem, “Jake, Frank, Elsie’s ages total 15 years. Frank is 5 years older than Jake and Elsie age is 3 times Jake’s age. Determine the age of each person.”How did you solve the correct answer of the problem? Anyone?Yes Kenneth! Very good!That was the first step in solving a word problem.Then what’s next?Yes, Kevin! Very good!That was the second step in solving a word problem.Then? Yes Kyle!Very good! To write the equations is the third step in solving a word problemWhat is the fourth step?Yes Marie! Very good!After solving the equation? What is the Last step?Yes Andrea! Very good!Again what are the Basic steps in Solving a Word Problem?Look at the problem on the board and listen to my discussion.Okay class!“A mother’s age is five years greater than twice her son’s age as of the present. Fifteen years ago the mother’s age was six times her son’s age. What are the...
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