Detailed Design Report

Topics: Unified Modeling Language, Relational model, Data modeling Pages: 2 (340 words) Published: March 4, 2013
1.0 Functional Design
1.1 System Configuration
-how would you configure your system, you may use images
1.2 Detailed UML Integration Diagram
-use sequence diagram not collaboration diagram
1.3 Class Diagram
2.0 Technical Design
2.1 Database
2.1.1 Relational Database
2.1.2 Database Schema Data Dictionary tbl_user
Field| Type| Null| Description| User_id| Int(11)| Null| Unique id of the users|
Username| Varchar(20)| Null| Unique username of the users that is a combination of letters and numbers only| Password| Varchar(20)| Null| Password of the user that is in minimum of 6-12 characters.| tbl_dept
Field| Type| Null| Description| Dept_id| Int(11)| Null| Unique id of the department|
Dept_code| Varchar(50)| Null| Unique code name of the department| Dept_name| Varchar(50)| Null| Unique name of the department| Dept_desc| Varchar(50)| Null| Description of the department|

2.1.3 Screens Inventory of Screens
-list of screen in tabular form containing its name and description Inventory of Screens
Name| Description| Homepage| Description of the Home page| Screen Navigation Diagram
-name of your system (hierarchy in the SmartArt Graphics) Screen Layout
- Print screen of the screens like home page etc.
2.1.4 Forms Inventory of Forms
- Use of forms in tabular form containing its name and description. Forms Layout
-print screen of the forms with sample data
2.1.5 Reports Inventory of Report
- List of reports in tabular form containing its name and description. Reports Layout
- print screen of the forms with sample data

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