Detailed Design Process

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Preliminary Design Model
Tradeoff Approach
Though an ultimate and extravagant system is desired for Kudler Fine Foods’ Frequent Shopper Program, it is likely that some tradeoffs will have to be made to ensure that the project remains feasible for the company. In designing the Frequent Shopper Program for Kudler Fine Foods, it is important to consider certain tradeoffs of the project, in terms of costs, the schedule of the project, and the performance of the system, regardless of which approach is chosen (University of Phoenix, 2012). However, each approach that could be used for the system’s design must include mandatory requirements and comply with all laws, regulations, and guidelines for financial information, security, and privacy. Concerning costs. If costs and Kudler’s budget are the most important requirements, some tradeoffs for the system’s design would be only implementing mandatory requirements of the system and performing the minimal amount of required testing to ensure the system will function (Valacich et al., 2012). However, this approach may have more risks and possible problems that may be missed within the system and would not include more options for customers of the Frequent Shopper Program. Concerning schedule of project. Currently, there is not an exact specified date for the completion of the Frequent Shopper Program; however, the scheduled goal of the project’s completion appears to be before Kudler’s next first quarter of sales (Apollo Group, 2011d). To meet this schedule, some optional design features of the program, such as the website that users can check and redeem points for prizes, may not be done within the project’s timeline. This feature may be added at a later time. It is also possible that some time towards thorough testing that may affect the performance of the system may also be sacrificed to meet the schedule of the project as well; instead, as a minimum requirement, the main sections of the system that would be most often used would be focused on for testing (Valacich et al., 2012). Concerning performance of system. If performance is of the greatest importance to Kudler, more time that would expand the project’s schedule may allow more thorough testing of the new program and its system that includes both mandatory and optional requirements (Dennis, Wixom, & Roth, 2012). This approach may delay the release of the system and may cost more money for Kudler as well, but it will help ensure that the system’s quality is good and has as few errors as possible (Valacich et al., 2012). Detailed Design Process and Specifications

Software. Since, Kudler POS Module captures and reports all retail sales in detail. Each cash register entry results in data transmission (Apollo Group, 2011g), it will work in conjunction with the Frequent Shopper Program to transmit data to the database. With the addition of more tables to the database it is vital to the success of the project that the POS scanner correctly scans the barcodes of each item and transmits the data to the correct tables. Kudler is presently looking to expand into Ecommerce so that customers that are not local can purchase products directly. This will require the expansion of the database to have the capability of tracking online purchases as well as in store purchases (Apollo Group, 2011h). Hardware. The two out of the three Kudler stores have the same setup in regards to hardware. La Jolla and Del Mar, both have hardware that consists of: * Novell 4.11 Server for POS

* Four POS PII Win9x Terminals
* 10.50.0 Ethernet Network
* UPS Standalone
* PII 64 mg RAM WIN 9x w/ Office 97 (Server) connected to an external CD Burner and a Bubble Jet printer * PII w NT Server IIS4 Win fax Pro Built in modem and CDROM reader * 56K Modem
The Encinita store is similar in hardware make up except that it is missing two PII units that the other two stores are using as a database server...
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