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Topics: Cryptography, Encryption, Advanced Encryption Standard Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: January 28, 2013
-Introduce myself and welcome to Encryption – USB/Flash drive -My background in the IT industry
Why do we want encrypt our flash drive? You may ask yourself. •I don’t know about you but I have lost one or two flash drive within the past 2 months and fortunately they did not have important information. •Don’t get me wrong flash drives are great for transporting files and documents back and forth from office to home. But flash drives are easily forgotten in the USB port and they are small enough to be taken from your pocket or bag unnoticed. •Due to theft or human is error is very common, the best defense is to encrypt your flash drive. This is the best way to prevent data theft and the best security is to encrypt the data. •A consultant from eSecurity Planet (a company that provides information security) recommends considering encrypting a flash drive so you will not be vulnerable if you were to lose your flash drive. He also says that it is crucial to have data encryption include a flash drive. •So let us begin, choosing the right encryption utility can become overwhelming. There are so many like WinEncrypt, My Lockbox, EncryptOnClick are just a few. But we are going to talk about TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt is a free encryption program loaded with powerful features that you can use to protect your flash drive. •First download and install TrueCrypt on your computer. After downloading and installing the application plug in your flash drive into your computer and click Create volume on the application. Now select encrypt a non-system partition/drive. Then it will prompt you to select the volume type, select standard Truecrypt volume. Now will be selecting the drive that you want to encrypt so click on select drive button and search for the flash drive. Now it will prompt you to select the type of encryption, this will be up to you; the default option is AES which stands for advanced encryption standard that has been adapted by the U.S....
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