Design Basics

Topics: Color, Primary color, Color wheel Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Design Basics
Chapter 13 (252 – 261)

I. Introduction
a. Color Theory
- At this point, the different fields in art are all apprehensive with color, however color has many aspects. b. The Essentials
- Color is a property of light. It is not an object itself, because objects either reflect or absorb light. - As the light changes, the colors alter
c. Color Mixing
-Depends on whether the color source is light or pigments/dyes 1. Additive System
- Color from light combines and forms and forms new visual sensations 2. Subtractive System
- Pigments combine
3. Primary Colors
- Of light – red, green, blue (cyan, yellow, magenta)
II. Color Characteristics
d. Light and Color Perception
- As light changes, the colors we observe change
- Season, time of day, and weather conditions contribute to different light and difference in color we perceive 4. Color Constancy
- Psychological compensation – our mind insists something is a specific color despite visual evidence to contrary 5. Constancy effect
- Useful from standpoint of human adaptation and survival
e. Observing Color in Our Surroundings
- Changing color of the landscape occur all around
- Color perception can be altered by new insights or influences of surrounding elements f. Influence of Context
- Color has basic, instinctive, visual appeal
- Color can be used as emotional element, or strictly intuitive way - Josef Albers devoted career to study of color and color relationships g. Color and its surroundings
- Even in the same light, colors appear different depending on colors adjacent to it - Grayed, neutral colors are constantly changing in different contexts - Manipulations of our perception are examples of contextual influences that surround our every perception III. Properties of Color

h. Hue
- Refers to the name of the color (ex/ red, orange, green, purple) 6. Hue
- Hue describes...
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