Topics: Desertification, Water, Sahel Pages: 3 (634 words) Published: March 22, 2013
| What Causes Desertification?
Overgrazing was not as large of a problem long ago because animals would move in response to rainfall. People would move with the animals so it prevented overgrazing in such areas. Now, humans have a steady food supply so they do not have to move about. Therefore, people use fences to keep their animals in one place which causes overgrazing. (Desertification, 2001)

-Farming of Average Land
Farming of average land is causing desertification worldwide. Farmers are clearing average land, and using it which takes away the richness in the soil. People should let the average land replenish itself before farming. (Desertification, 2005)

-Destruction of Plants in Dry Regions
Destruction of plants in dry regions is causing desertification to occur. People are cutting down tress to use them as a source of fuel. Once all these trees are cut down there is nothing to protect the soil. Therefore, it turns to dust and is blown away by the wind. (Desertification, 2005)

-Incorrect Irrigation in Arid Regions Causes a Build Up of Salt in the Soil Incorrect irrigation is commonly used in poorer areas. Farmers are using canal irrigation and other poor techniques because of the lack of water. This type of irrigation causes a build up of salt in the soil. (Desertification, 2005) The Effects Of Desertification -Soil becomes less usable

The soil can be blown away by wind or washed away rain. Nutrients in the soil can be removed by wind or water. Salt can build up in the soil which makes it harder for plant growth.

-Vegetation is Lacked or Damaged
Loosened soil may bury plants or leave their roots exposed. Also, when overgrazing occurs, plant species may be lost.

-Causes Famine
Places that have war and poverty are most likely to have famine occur. Drought and poor land management contribute to famine.

-Food Loss
The soil is not suited for growing food; therefore the amount of food being made will decline. If the...
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