Desert Hikers

Topics: Hiking, Desert, Walking Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: October 22, 2012
According to John Muir, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” Desert hikers explore a desert for things such as different species of animals, a new environment or even a vacation. Not only for the enjoyment, but some may go out for business references. Regardless of, they must fully prepare themselves in order to survive in a desert. Inexperienced desert hikers do not fully prepare. Because some desert hikers are inexperienced, many dangers await them such as, the scorching heat, dangerous animals and getting lost.

For instance, the scorching heat is probably the first danger desert hikers may face above all the others. Many inexperienced desert hikers know that it is blazing hot in the desert, but may not know the hours which to hike. To avoid much of the heat, hikers shouldn’t hike between the hours of noon and three. A heat stroke, caused by lack of water, is common to most hikers. Symptom’s associating with heat stokes are dizziness and headaches. To avoid this, drinking plenty of water is good for the body because of the constant sweating. If not taken into caution, these inexperienced hikers could experience nausea and vomiting from the heat, causing them to have heat exhaustion. These inexperienced desert hikers also may not know that drinking lightly salted fluids can avoid cramps, due to all the walking. These are just a few elements of dangers due to the scorching heat in a desert.

Another reason inexperienced desert hikers face danger is because they may not know the actual harm desert animals could bring. For example, rattlesnakes and sidewinders, which are the most common in a desert. These snakes are extremely poisonous. Most of these snakes are camouflage to the grass and sand, especially the sidewinders. They bury their bodies into the sand and have only their eyes and nostrils above the sand. Stepping on them, causing them to strike without warning, could lead to serious damage. And even though scorpions are small,...
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