Desert Adventure

Topics: Automobile, Walking, Sustainable transport Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Hi, I’m Nicky and I also the one who love discovery the nature ! For that reason , I had had a remembrance that I will never forget. Last holiday, I decided to discover the Simpson desert. It’s famous with its red sand, it look like a fire when the sun enlighten the desert and its advertising on Discovery channel. That’s why I want to visit it. Day 1 : I went into the Simpson desert by the car which was rent from the native people. No longer after I started the journey, my car’ tire was explored because the car was run over the sharp tree- trunk. It was took me quite long to change another tire. Then 4 hours later, It was happened again ! the second tire also explored. At that time, I have no more tire to change, my problem started from here ! I was trying my best to move the car slowly with the 3 tires left. Obviously, the left 3 tire gradually explored. Then, I was keep driving a car very slow, unfortunately, the car’ engine started to give off smoke because the engine was worked to hard. Finally the car was burning and after 2 hours it left the bodywork of the car with cinders. From that landmark, I just had left the backpack with some sandwich and 2 bottles of water but the map and compass was burned down with the ill-fated car. So I had to go on with the journey or more exactly is I have to find the way out of the Simpson desert. Then I was kept walking but totally get lost, I was just walking around. The weather was decreased gradually and I felt more tired, my legs were very painful. The sun set and the night came with the dry and cold wind, some of the sand-sliding skink, mouse like marsupial were came out the hatch to look for food. I was too tired than I slept unheeded. Day2: The scorching hot of the sunshine woke me up. At that time, my phone had no signal so I decided to find a high place to receive the signal, then I kept go on the journey. My food and drink also dwindle away to nothing. Finally I found the observatory, I climbed up to...
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